Order Jersey

Not sure what is happening with jerseys for 2020 – stay tuned.

Please use the following links to order your WAMTB jersey directly from Voler.


If your home address is in Wyomissing Area School District than you order a “WAMTB – DISTRICT” jersey. If you live outside the Wyo Area then you need to order a “WAMTB – COMPOSITE” jersey.


Use this link for ordering a WAMTB – DISTRICT jersey


Use this link for ordering WAMTB – COMPOSITE jersey


You can also look at the sizing charts on the Voler website and order that way.  Their sizing is very good.  We have a couple jerseys of different sizes that our kids and coaches have been using so we could try to help you if you’d like to see one of those sizes.  In general cycling jerseys are worn as a snug fit, but it’s all about comfort so pick what you will want to wear.  I would advise against ordering too big because you don’t want it to get caught on something while riding.  The men’s Classic jersey and the men’s and women’s Cross County jersey are cut in a more relaxed fit.  Note some have a partial zipper and some have a full zipper.  “Trail” jerseys do not have a zipper (more like downhill jerseys).

We added wind vests and arm warmers this year.  Last year every race day was hot even through October (except for the last race in Pittsburgh which was canceled due to snow and ice!), but I think these were not normal conditions.  Clearly riders can wear base layers under their jerseys, but a vest and arm warmers are a great option for keeping warm in changing conditions during the race morning and afternoon.

All jerseys will be shipped together to the head coach and will then be distributed to the team at the end of August.