Wyomissing Area Mountain Bike Team (WAMTB, pronounced “wamt-B”) is an interscholastic mountain bike team open to boys and girls in 6th – 12th grades from multiple school districts in Berks County.  Riders have the opportunity to participate in organized races across Pennsylvania.  See PICL link below for more information.

Coaches will guide riders in honing their bike handling and bike maintenance skills while focusing on fun and safety.  Riders and coaches carry supplemental insurance through the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).  Our goal is to create life-long athletes who have a respect and love of cycling and the outdoors.  See our Mission tab.

Presentation from 2019 Intro Meeting:

Intro Meeting ppt WAMTB 07162019 v2 size

Core Values of WAMTB, NICA, and PICL:

  • Inclusivity: No bench-warmers, every finish counts
  • Equality: No try-outs; everyone rides
  • Strong Body: Lifelong fitness and good health start here
  • Strong Mind: NICA student-athletes are students first
  • Strong Character: Work hard, play fair, and respect others and the community.
  • Strong Community!